Import Data

This app provides multiple methods to import or migrate your data, without tiring manual inputs.

Before import, please make sure the correct target account.

From Backup of Chaldea

All user data of Chaldea app are saved in root_path/user/userdata.json.

You can backup data through:

  • manually backup the above file
  • Settings-User Data-Backup
  • Settings-User Data-History Backup: daily backup (automatically).

Import any of above json files to restore backup.

Another way is to backup to server & download from server.


Different app version may use the different user data structure, in another words, they may be incompatible.

HTTPS Sniffing

Capture the game data on login(not password or login credential). For NA/JP, you need the modified apk on Android, iOS not supported. For CN/TW, you can capture it on both iOS and Android.

See Import HTTPS Response for details.

Item Screenshots

  1. Goto My Room-Item List then take screenshots
  2. Import these screenshots and upload to chaldea server
  3. Download result after server completes recognition
  4. In Result tab, you can manually correct the wrong recognized ones.
  5. After inspection, you can import result to your account. Not detected items won't be changed.


Don't crop, don't use split screen mode, make sure the game fills the entire screen.\

Item Screenshot Example

Item Screenshot Example


The accuracy is not so good, please check again after recognized.

Active/Append Skill Recognition

  1. Goto Enhance-Skill/Append Skill, on the screen of selecting servant, take screenshots
    • in order to improve recognition accuracy, select the middle density of servant avatar layout by clicking the left-bottom button
  2. Similar to item recognition, upload to server
  3. Download result after server finished. Each image may take about 1~2 min.
  4. Manually correct wrong results then import to current account
    • unrecognized servant or skill cannot be imported
    • if duplicated servants found, please uncheck them with only one left. Or the last one will override others.

Maybe the recognition speed is too slow and cost too much time. If you are expert on image tech, improvement is welcomed. If too many parallel tasks will decrease the speed furthermore. Please understand that.

Currently only support skill levels, ascension level and grails is not included

Skill Screenshot Example

Skill Screenshot Example


Okay, it's very slow and the accuracy is also not so good. I'm dreaming someone can help me.

Guda Data

The iOS app Guda exported item data or servant data in txt file. Just import them and the app will parse it.

FGO Simulator - Material

Import from in new window

  1. On the website, click My Chaldea-引継ぎコード, select サーヴァント/アイテム and 発行
  2. Copy the text to the input field, then parse it to import