About Chaldea

Chaldea is a cross-platform material planning tool for Fate/Grand Orderopen in new window, supporting Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. Chaldea will help masters plan their servants, events and materials.

Chaldea Preview

Chaldea Preview


  • Cross platform: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Multi-language: Chinese, English and Japanese, W.I.P
  • Detailed Game Data: Servant, CE, Command Code, Mystic Code and so on
  • Material Planning
    • Servant rank up: ascension, active skill, append skill, costume, palingenesis, fou-kun and servant coin
    • Event plan: limited event, main story and exchange ticket
    • Material/Item management, find the quests with best drop rate
  • Free Quest Solver
    • Get the best quest farming solution on item demands
    • Compare the efficiency of each quest with custom item weight
    • Support Item+Bond+EXP planning
    • Support Master Mission/Weekly Mission: custom mission target
  • Summon details and Summon Simulator
  • SQ Planning: Currently support predictable parts of SQs/tickets/fruits
  • Import Data
    • Recognition for item/active skill/append skill screenshots
    • Parsing all game data by sniffing the client's login https traffic, don't need manual input. Support NA/JP/CN/TW.
    • From Guda app exported data
    • From FGO Simulator-Materialopen in new window
  • Others
    • EXP card cost calculator
    • Statistics on item demands, consumed items and servant collection
    • Fate/Freedom Order: 2021 April Fool's mini game
    • Illustrator and CV list

Data Source

The UI and functions of the app is inspired from