Introduce some minor features here or features still under development.

EXP Card Calculation

According to servant rarity and Lv range, calculate the EXP card cost.

  • support star 5 and star 4 EXP cards
  • support same EXP card class or not same
  • support Max Lv.120

Some List View

Nothing special, just an overview for each thing.

  • Costume List
  • Mystic Code List
    • Level setting is just for recording, not used yet.
  • Illustrator/CV List
    • search: search creator's name and cards' name
    • attention: one card with several creators may not be split
  • Enemy List
    • only show enemies from main story's free quests. You can search trait or alignment.
    • other servants/enemies which is not in your servant category will be listed the basic info, and click to show the details.